On 6 october 2013 I gave a workshop at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

"Yesterday I gave the workshop on blueprints at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. It went really well. The children, the crew and me had a blast! We talked about how there are things we cannot photograph, such as feelings and emotions. I showed the kids my work and explained them why I make blueprints and why I like it so much. To kick off we visited one of Barnett Newman’s paintings upstairs in the museum.

The kids were fascinated by the solarium and what it did to the blueprint paper. Exposing the blueprint to the light takes about 1 minute. This was nor too long or to quick for them. They held the timers in their hands counting down every second, nervous they would miss the last second and afraid that the blueprint would over-expose. There were many “whoa” moments during the washing of the paper, when the imprint becomes visible. All the blueprints turned out really well. We gave them titles to finish the process.