Pricing & Process

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A step by step on how my process works:

Step 1) A discovery conversation. - Every mural is different.
Please send me an email or give e a call with a description of your mural project. Important things for me to know are, the size of the wall(s) for the mural, the location, some creative direction for the mural (examples of art that you like or for example a Pinterest mood board), and your budgetIf you are able to e-mail me photos before our first phone call, that is ideal. After an in-depth conversation about the project either via phone call or onsite, I will provide you with a written work estimate and price.

Step 2) Signed Contract agreement and Design Deposit. 
If you would like to move forward with the design phase for the work, please send the signed contract along with the design deposit back to me. The design deposit can vary based on the size of the project, but typically the deposit is 10%. Once I receive the design deposit and signed contract I will begin work on designs for your wall and schedule the project.

Step 3) Design Process and Sketch
Based on our conversation I will start sketching and forward you a couple ideas. After receiving your feed-back I re-design and send it back to you. We repeat this process as many times as necessary until we have a design that you love. I work with an iPad pro to design the mural and with a small art projector to paint it. I don't do hyper realistic work, so you can trust that "what you see is what you will get" when you approve the final design.  

Step 4) Mural Deposit.
A deposit, typically 50% of my total fee, is due the first day of onsite painting. At this time, we will review the mural design concept again and see if either of us have had any new thoughts or ideas on the mural design.

Step 5) Painting.
I typically paint for about 7 hours each day excluding breaks, usually starting around 09:30am. On outdoor projects, I may start as early as 6 am or as late as noon, depending on the sun exposure of the wall, or rain/ fog. Most of my murals in children rooms and nurseries are done within one day. Before cleaning up I ask my client if there are any final tweaks needed, and, assuming it is within the original scope, I make the final adjustments. Then the mural is complete!
(Depending on how big the wall is usually the mural dries within one hour after completion. Children and babies can sleep in their rooms that same night.)

Step 6) Final Payment
A final payment of the full remaining balance is due upon completion of the mural. 

Factors that influence the price of your custom designed mural:
1.) My minimum rate is $200, that is for example a name above a bed with decorative elements (size: about 2 square meter/ 60m2), in any style. See example above. Materials are included in the price.
2.) For anything bigger it all depends on the size of the mural. I start charging $4,- for every square foot. But,
3.) how figurative or realistic you would like me to paint is also what determins the price. The more detailed the painting is the longer it will take me to paint it and sometimes also the more paint it covers the wall. I call this the complexity factor, see visual pricing overview above.
4.) Travel distance to your home. If you live withint a 30min car drive from Berkeley, I don't charge extra. After that I charge $1,- for every mile. 
5.) Location. If the mural is on a challenging location, like a ceiling, this will also influence the price. I might have to rent equipment and/ or take breaks more often.